Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thinking Thanksgiving

I was recently asked by Carrie at Bloomacious.com - a gorgeous site dedicated to all things beautiful - to recount my favorite part of Thanksgiving. Take a look at what I wrote and tell me what yours is. Believe me, I had a difficult time trying to pick just one! Thank you, Carrie, for letting me share.

In this post, I love how Joanna Goddard writes about enjoying a roaring fire in her friend's fireplace in Brooklyn. She is absolutely right about the "tease" of some New York fireplaces. They're usually all blocked up and if you could even free one up, you'd probably fill the house with smoke.

I do miss the fireplaces in my home state of Connecticut, which is kind of the ideal place to have Thanksgiving. Aside from all of the history of the state, the Pilgrims and the Puritans and the colonies and such, there's the weather which is far more conducive to roasting a giant turkey and attending football games than most places in the country. It just feels more like Thanksgiving in Connecticut than in LA, where some years I have actually served dinner in flip-flops!

But no matter where I am, the best part of the holiday is enjoying time with friends. I really do love cooking for and feeding other people. And this year I'm trying a brand new pie recipe! Yum!