Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I woke up SO excited this morning. Part of me is thrilled the long campaign season will finally be over but another part is simply awed that this is such an historic one. To think that we have the option of voting for an African-American Presidential candidate!

I have to admit I was a Hillary supporter until the bitter end of the primaries. I always admired her in the White House, how she stood strong when people were throwing things at her, always wanting to tear her down and poke holes in her cool facade. Perhaps she came off as TOO cool and people interpreted that as icy and detached but if anyone were to be in her shoes, how else could they react when constantly being attacked? Do you fall apart at the seams all the time? No, you have to be strong. And then when she won the Senate seat in her own right, I was so proud of her - and I continued to be supportive until things started to get a little ugly and negative at the end of the primary campaign.

I still think she would have made an amazing President - and a fantastic VP to Barack Obama - and I hope she has a place in the Obama cabinet, should (when) he win.

I am so excited to be voting for an African-American candidate. It truly is an historic day.