Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Guesting at ADR3NALIN3 Blog!

Today, I'm guest posting for my friend and fellow author, Carol Tanzman at the writing blog, ADR3NALIN3.  She is a regular contributor to the blog, which is a fun and inspiring resource for readers and writers. The authors involved specialize in mysteries and thrillers but their posts address all kinds of issues that most writers face: writer's block, world-building, character development, and so on.

Carol has a new YA novel, "dancergirl," which is currently out from Harlequin Teen.  It's a fast-paced thriller about a dancer whose online life attracts a real-life stalker!  Check it out at your local store or here at Amazon: dancergirl.  Her next book will be out in July, another YA thriller titled, "Circle of Silence."

My post is about turning off the internet and turning on your focus.  Thanks, Carol, for asking me to guest post for you!

So here is it - my post about writing and the internet: I’m not addicted.  I can quit anytime I want to.