Thursday, March 8, 2012

My own Hunger Game

And I don't mean dystopian YA fiction (although I do totally dig that and am looking forward to the movie!).

My version of this is the hunger I need to attack my rewrite.  When you have a great idea the first go 'round, you have to let it sit in your brain for a while until you are so excited you have to write it.  A similar thing exists when you do a rewrite. 

What I typically do is outline the first draft of the book so I can see where all the problems are and jot some ideas down about the possible changes I can make.  Then I mull it over.  I let it sit in my mental passenger seat when I'm out driving or teaching or walking. 

With a new outline, I have the advantage of having it all laid out before me. It's like seeing into the future.  I can experiment with changes before I actually write it.  If I have multiple options I can see how they play out before I commit to them.

Then I wait.

Til I'm really, really hungry.

Then I bite...