Sunday, December 14, 2008

More book lists!

Just in time for the holidays...

My friend, the super fantastic, sweet and funny writer, Claire LaZebnik (grab a copy of her latest novel, The Smart One and the Pretty One as a treat to yourself for the holidays!), runs a blog called Bookstore People with her friend, Kim Allen-Niesen. This week she asked me to come up with a list of great YA books for teen girls - books you might give as gifts to friends or family.

The first attempt was short and too serious: I was definitely thinking about books that mean something, you know? Because those, to me, are the kinds of books you give as gifts. But then Claire reminded me that YA readers are looking for all kinds of great books. So that set my mind at ease and I was free to recommend all sorts of good books, including (this is a disclaimer) many by people I know personally.

What can I say, I happen to know some amazing writers who've written some terrific books. I'm just lucky like that!


Best Book Gifts For Young Adult Readers