Friday, December 19, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Friday

4 Things that put me in a Holiday Mood

1. Coming home late at night to find HH has put all the Christmas lights up in the windows and around the apartment. This makes me happiest because A) I wasn't involved at all and B) it makes me feel like a bunch of little elves came in and decorated for me.

2. Watching the tots in line to talk to Santa Claus at the Grove. Sure it's crass commercialism, but those kids don't know it yet. I wish I could swallow up some of that innocence for myself.

3. Listening to "It's a Wonderful Life" while I work. HH and I know every single word and sound effect of this movie (it's one of the very first things we realized we had in common when we met!) and I have seen it about fifty million times so I can't actually watch it. But listening is the next best thing and it makes me feel better - more spirited - when I write.

4. Drinking tea from my pretty Christmas cup that my friend Rachel gave me. On what other holiday do we have special dishes to use? Easter? No. Valentine's Day? Please. 4th of July? No, but I do have special candles for the 4th.