Monday, December 26, 2011

In 2012, I resolve to...

1. Self-publish my entire backlist as e-books across all platforms.  Also make them available in print editions.

Reason: I need to wipe the slate (i.e. my hard drive) clean of old titles. Whether people read them is not up to me but at least all of them will be out there and available to be enjoyed.

2. Write the books I want to read.

Reason: I fell in love with reading when I was a teen and I devoured all genres, including fantasy and science fiction.  I have always loved spec fiction too.  When I write for others - for the marketplace - I get stuck because I'm not excited to find out more.  Then I'm trudging through it rather than racing through it.

3. Write the books I've always wanted to write.

Reason: It takes a very long time to write a novel - and to rewrite it and rewrite it until it's ready for others.  I am tired of wasting my precious writing time on books that mean nothing to me, that may have a fun premise but are nothing more.

4. Read more of what I love.

Reason: As a YA writer, I tend to read what I should read, what's popular among my audience. While it's important to know what sells, those books shouldn't be my sole literary consumption.  And now that I have a Kindle, it's easier than ever before to get what I need.

5. Organize my social media more efficiently.

Reason: Again, time is a precious resource.  I need to streamline what I do and when I do it.  Toward that end, I stopped using MySpace altogether and I linked my Facebook and Twitter accounts.  I also have to set specific times of when I'm online - it's eating up my day!