Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Coming in April: my new book featured on Ultimate YA Reading Group!

Hey everyone!  The release sequence of my novels has gotten a little rearranged due to work commitments and illness but the second e-book (my third published novel) is being released April 2 on Kindle and Nook, for starters.  Print editions will come later.

I'll post more in a couple of days but for now, here are a couple of teasers...

--The title is "Chasing the Falls."

--It's a contemporary young adult novel, set in Los Angeles.

Now, a bit of more cool news...

--I'm the April author for Ultimate YA Reading Group!  They'll be posting interviews 'n stuff with me throughout the month, including info about the new book.  So stay tuned to their tumblr and Facebook page!

I'll reveal the fab cover very soon, along with a blurb of the book, and more links - more, more, more!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

My own Hunger Game

And I don't mean dystopian YA fiction (although I do totally dig that and am looking forward to the movie!).

My version of this is the hunger I need to attack my rewrite.  When you have a great idea the first go 'round, you have to let it sit in your brain for a while until you are so excited you have to write it.  A similar thing exists when you do a rewrite. 

What I typically do is outline the first draft of the book so I can see where all the problems are and jot some ideas down about the possible changes I can make.  Then I mull it over.  I let it sit in my mental passenger seat when I'm out driving or teaching or walking. 

With a new outline, I have the advantage of having it all laid out before me. It's like seeing into the future.  I can experiment with changes before I actually write it.  If I have multiple options I can see how they play out before I commit to them.

Then I wait.

Til I'm really, really hungry.

Then I bite...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Guesting at ADR3NALIN3 Blog!

Today, I'm guest posting for my friend and fellow author, Carol Tanzman at the writing blog, ADR3NALIN3.  She is a regular contributor to the blog, which is a fun and inspiring resource for readers and writers. The authors involved specialize in mysteries and thrillers but their posts address all kinds of issues that most writers face: writer's block, world-building, character development, and so on.

Carol has a new YA novel, "dancergirl," which is currently out from Harlequin Teen.  It's a fast-paced thriller about a dancer whose online life attracts a real-life stalker!  Check it out at your local store or here at Amazon: dancergirl.  Her next book will be out in July, another YA thriller titled, "Circle of Silence."

My post is about turning off the internet and turning on your focus.  Thanks, Carol, for asking me to guest post for you!

So here is it - my post about writing and the internet: I’m not addicted.  I can quit anytime I want to.