Sunday, July 22, 2007

Best reading ever!

The first reading and signing event at Book Soup yesterday went amazingly well. The turnout was fantastic and everyone seemed to enjoy it - despite my less-than-stellar acting skills. I practiced every single day and was STILL nervous. It helped to have friends smiling at me in the audience - you know who you smilers are! Thanks!

I even got to meet a real-life Meg! She says she will be using the book for a report she has to do this summer for a class. I love it! I told her to feel free to email me if she needs any questions answered - and that goes for anyone who can convince a teacher to read the book for school. I’m happy to answer any questions at all about the book if you send me an email.

There were delicious cookies and cold drinks and air-conditioning - all of which are super important on a hot day in LA. No one fainted or fell asleep; no one asked for their money back (it was free! Ha!).

And all of the Book Soup staff - Tyson and Charles in particular - were so helpful and friendly to everyone. This was in the face of their 2AM close the night before because of Harry Potter. Their eyes may have been a little sleepy but they were absolutely wonderful to me. I can’t wait to go back for the next book - that’s in May 08! It’s a date!

So for everyone who came, THANK YOU! Thank you for making it the most special day of my life and helping me feel like a real author and everything. I hope to get photos up on the website soon (thank you Taggart!)! Keep your eyes peeled!

Your Hollywood connection,