Sunday, July 29, 2007

Easy As A-B-C

My visit to the Alphabet Garden yesterday was an elementary success!

For those of you following the news, my hometown of Cheshire, Connecticut suffered a horrific tragedy earlier in the week. The local mood was somber and all talk was of the despicable crime. I'd like to believe that the reading we held on Saturday lightened some people's thoughts. Certainly I wore my pink capris and pink sandals with that intention!

Shannon Becker at the Cheshire Herald, the weekly paper, did a very cool interview with me. Come check it out! And check out the size of that picture of me - wowsa! What a head I've got. (I do like the hair, though.) Many people who came to the reading came because of that article. How awesome is that! Even a couple of people named Shanley! One girl from Southington spelled hers Shanly.

Hey, I just realized that at the Book Soup event, I signed books for 2 people named Meg and this time it was 2 people named Shanley. I wonder what the next book signing will hold: 2 people named Lonnie? 2 named Holland? If it's 2 people named Alma, I will buy them both coffee!

(And bonus points for those of you who can tell me what movie has both an Alma and a Lonnie in it! Hint: it's an oldie with one of our most beloved - and sexiest - actors...)

My fab webmaster will get some pictures up on the site soon so everyone can see how awesome the event was.

Thank you to everyone who came!

Your Connecticut connection,