Monday, July 30, 2007

Support Your Local Dancer

See Hairspray!

I did not expect to like this movie (or to even see it in a theater) because I figured, why remake something that was so great, so iconic in its original form? But "Hairspray," which is actually based on the Broadway show which itself was based on John Waters' original movie, is so much fun, I have to post.

Plus, I just have to promote anything that features dancers. We have to support them! Life is really tough for dancers: they get injured, they don't make much money, they get passed over because they're too tall or short. I feel like I have to watch and talk up any movie or show or Gap commercial that hires them.

From the opening song young Tracy Turnblad sings, "Good morning, Baltimore," I felt like dancing. The choreography by the director Adam Shankman is totally fun, completely engaging. The filmmakers took a cue from "Grease" and shot the dancing scenes brilliantly; the flatness of the stage show was opened up for the big screen so well.

Forget the story...seriously, the dialogue was not nearly as witty or ironic as the songs' lyrics. Just enjoy the music and the dancing. And the cast! Wowsa! Nikki Blonsky is my new favorite actress (and if you know anything about my new book, ALL ABOUT VEE, you'll understand why). Love Zac Efron and Amanda Bynes and James Marsden (awesome!) and of course, the always talented and amazing Michelle Pfeiffer and Queen Latifah.

My precription for a hot summer day: take yourself to the movies and see "Hairspray."

Your Hollywood/Cheshire connection,