Wednesday, March 4, 2009

50 Facts About Barbie

To commemorate Barbie's upcoming 50th birthday on March 9, writer Kathy Flanigan of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel wrote up 50 fun things about Barbie.

Hands down, #45 is my favorite.I owned a Barbie when I was a kid (of course!) and a Malibu Skipper doll. It wasn't until I was a teenager that I realized Malibu was a place in Southern California; I thought it meant "tanned."

I didn't have a ton of accessories but I did have the Country Camper which I recall was kind of cheaply made. The door never slid open and shut properly.

I also didn't collect clothes or shoes for the dolls and the last outfit I can picture Barbie in was a little crocheted thing my grandmother made for her. I think she was barefoot all the time since I lost all of her shoes.

One thing I did covet was the giant Barbie head whose hair you could style and whose face you could paint. Never did get one.


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