Monday, March 16, 2009

Women's Expo in Ventura, CA

This past Saturday, I was signing books at the Women's Expo in Ventura at the Bank of Books booth. Bank of Books is an amazing independent store (go indies!!) in Ventura run by Clarey Rudd who was at the Expo and who loves talking about books!

Here I am at my booth. Behind me are the seminar panels (Clarey and Rachel and I were actually talking TOO loudly about books at one point and a security person came over to ask us to keep it down!).

Rachel and I got there early and spent some time wandering the exhibit hall. Our favorite booth was the art installation called "Cups of Courage: Sisterhood of the Traveling Bras."

These photos do NOT do the bras justice. They are gorgeous! Unbelievable works of art! Here is some info about the installation.
While we were there, I also met two wonderful authors, Michael Mehas who is a movie producer and who wrote the novel, STOLEN BOY and Bill Myers, a tremendously prolific writer of funny and thought-provoking fiction for kids, teens and adults. Great meeting both you guys!

And thanks to Rachel who tagged along and kept me entertained on the drive up to Ventura (it takes an hour to get anywhere in SoCal!) and for talking movies all the way home!