Monday, June 15, 2009

Celebrity Sighting AND High Culture!

Yes, I DID use this title before (see also Mindy Kaling at LACMA). This time, HH and I were attending the thee-ah-tah in Downey: a performance of "42nd Street" by the Downey Civic Light Opera.

The show, btw, was a blast! LOTS of great numbers and you know I love seeing dancers work. Put 'em all to work - give 'em all jobs - dancing everywhere all the time! Love it.

Okay, so who was in the audience but opera singer Richard Fredericks? You may not know him unless you follow opera, but he did guest star on The Odd Couple as himself, a character who knew Oscar Madison from his days as an athlete (whether Mr. Fredericks truly was an athlete before he was an opera singer remains a mystery). HH was thrilled as he was and always will be a major Odd Couple fan.

And my reason for being in Downey in the first place? My friend and student, Heather, was performing as Lorraine. She was gorgeous, fantastic, and she kicked serious butt as both a dancer and singer! I was so impressed - she worked so hard to get there. Kudos, Heather!