Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Only in LA

You're driving north on Fairfax. You pass Third Street. You glance over at the Farmer's Market, now celebrating its 75th year in business. Behind it is The Grove, the hip outdoor shopping mall with lots of upscale stylish stores like Abercrombie and Nordstrom's and Crate & Barrel.

You see several groups of people on the sidewalk between The Grove and CBS on Beverly Boulevard. Each group is dressed identically, in garishly-colored t-shirts with funny slogans, family names or simply photos of Drew Carey.

Who are they, you wonder, tourists? Visitors who don't want to lose track of each other while they get on and off the tour bus?

Come on down!

And then you remember, "The Price is Right" films at the CBS lot. These are all families and friends who are vying for the big bucks, to get chosen to "Come on down!" and guess the price of a Segway scooter or a Kenmore Upright Washing Machine.

You silently wish them luck when they finish their lunch break and return to the studio where they will cheer for hours.

Only a select few will get lucky enough to chat with Drew.

Only in LA...