Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How did that resolve work for ya?

At the beginning of the year, back when we all had optimism we could make resolutions and stick to them THIS TIME! I made what I thought were relatively easy-to-accomplish ones. Six months into 2009, how did I do?

1. I resolve to shake out the laundry before putting it in the dryer.

UPDATE: Nope. I still never do this. Must be a genetic anomaly.

2. I resolve to have one less cup of coffee in the morning - and one more in the late afternoon.

UPDATE: Nope. I think I actually added a cup to the morning and took away one from the late afternoon - and then added another one at night before bed.

3. I resolve to use the gift certificates people gave me last year.

UPDATE: Nada. Those gift certificates are still unused AND I added two more: another spa and Target.

4. I resolve to put away the Christmas lights before the end of January.

UPDATE: Complete. Whoo-hoo! Still have my Memorial Day candles up, though, and since they're flag candles, I think I'll keep them for July 4th too.

5. I resolve to use lists more often and to number all the things I need to do.

UPDATE: Kinda yes but I only go up to the number 4.

6. I resolve to keep my cell phone and iPod charged.

UPDATE: Cell phone yes, iPod - sadly - no.

Wow. Those were perhaps the easiest frakkin' resolutions I have ever made for myself and I STILL couldn't handle them. How did you all do?