Monday, June 1, 2009

Can you stand the gore?

Not me, not usually with Clive Barker, but this time I managed to make it through the entire movie peeking through my fingers only occasionally. The story is great, though, based as it was on one of Barker's shorts from Books of Blood. Story is about a photogrpaher who follows a serial killer who is killing people on empty subway trains in a city very much like NYC but obviously not, since they filmed in a much cheaper locale.

And if it seems like movies based on shorts are often more successful than those based on novels, that's true. To film a novel as written is usually very, very long. Most times filmmakers have to cut out things the reader feels are very important and much nuance gets lost.

Anyway, if you can stand it, check out Midnight Meat Train, directed by Ryuhei Kitamura and starring Bradley Cooper, Leslie Bibb and - Brooke Shields! It's really quite well-done for a horror film. Beautifully shot and edited, amazing sound design and effects, but yeah, quite gruesome. [shudder]

And if you can't (and I respect that), rent yourself Eagle Eye starring Shia Labeouf and Michelle Monaghan and directed by DJ Caruso. It's fast-paced and action-packed and not entirely that far-fetched. Labeouf is a regular Joe who is contacted by a mysterious voice after his twin brother dies and directed to do all sorts of crazy things with this woman, who has also been contacted by the strange voice. Big conspiracy abounds.