Friday, December 18, 2009

I was on the radio!

Yesterday, Barry Eva, aka "Storyheart," interviewed me - I use that word loosely, since it was more like two friends chatting about books and stuff - on his show, "A Book and a Chat" on Blog Talk Radio. The cool thing about the show is that it's archived! Unlike regular radio which is only available in the moment, Blog Radio is available 24/7.

Barry was a great interviewer - he really did his homework! Checking out my website and blog and Wikipedia page (yes, I have a page on Wikipedia!) and bringing up all sorts of things from my past you wouldn't normally expect to discuss on a show about books. He was so much fun - and that British accent is so charming! The time just flew by!

If you have a moment, I hope you'll click over to the show here, and give a listen while you're surfing the web.