Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Another home run at RJ Julia! What a great store and such amazing people!

As has been noted on these pages before, Connecticut has apparently become a way station to Hades: hot, humid, sticky, sweaty unpleasantness. It was a refreshing treat to spend a couple of hours amid the cool stacks of RJ Julia in Madison. We had a great crowd (very supportive, laughed in all the right places) who sat quietly and smiled a lot and whom I rewarded with homemade Meg cookies.

(They were sugar cookies with light teal frosting and pink gel spelling out "Meg" on each one.)

(I love to bake, I must admit, and I love watching cooking shows and reading cookbooks and recipes and restaurant reviews - even restaurants in countries or cities I will never ever visit in my lifetime! I have an amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe ((just like Meg!)) and I make an awesome banana bread. ((Yes, it IS awesome but it has walnuts in it so remember that if you're allergic and I offer you some because I might not mention it.))

Alas, Head Honcho, my ninja webmaster, has been overwhelmed by the horrific weather. He won't be getting any photos up on the site until my Connecticut sojourn is complete and I am back in LA.

Thank you so much to Irene and Brian and the wonderful staff at RJ Julia. Thank you to everyone who came. Thank you, Mom and Dad and all the members of the Academy - oh wait! That's not the speech I meant to read. Not yet, he he he...

Next stop on the tour: Manhattan!

Your New England connection,