Sunday, August 12, 2007

New York, New York!

I always liked the opening song, "New York New York" from the Gene Kelly musical, On The Town. Frankly, Frank's version depressed me. And no, not because Gene was a dance genius,

(okay, the plays on names will end now)

but because the sailors were so upbeat and happy about being in the city. They were gonna see the sights and meet girls and enjoy themselves, which is what you do in the big city.

(Do NOT call it the Big Apple or I will never talk to you. Ever. This is Serious.)

But Frank sang about NYC as if it were an adversary, something to be overcome and subdued. "If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere..." I never felt that way when I lived in NYC. I loved it from the moment I stepped foot on its cracked and gum-strewn sidewalks. The energy was palpable; the air electric with people and possibilities.

(okay, the alliteration will also end now)

So why the mentions of these ancient songs? During my visit to NYC this week, I felt like Gene Kelly when we arrived - dancing up and down the sidewalks and enjoying the summertime weather - but Frank Sinatra when we left - beaten down yet still standing. And that had everything to do with the weather. Which is something we in LA NEVER think about. And I mean NEVER. It never occurs to us to carry an umbrella or to check the Weather Channel

(do we even have one?)

or to make alternate plans, like if it rains, let's meet at such-and-such. There is no alternative, there is no such-and-such. It just is. Plans simply are.

We visited 5 wonderful stores in NYC. Wonderful because they carried my book? No, no. How shallow and self-centered do you think I am?

Really? That shallow? Wow...

Okay, so we went to Borders in the Warner Center where Lane was so helpful and told us all about his friend's woes on the flooded subway the day before. (More of that vengeful city.) Later we visited the Borders in Penn Plaza and the next day, the Barnes & Nobles at 82nd and Bway which was so cool and felt like an old-fashioned bookstore where you might find books of spells and magic hidden in the stacks, and at Lincoln Center which is the biggest in the city! And then down at Union Square which was in an area I used to frequent when I lived in NYC. No pictures - Head Honcho's camera was in the wrong bag! But we have plenty of others that we'll get up on the site very soon.

The whirlwind trip is almost over! Back to LA in less than a day! I'm exhausted from my vacation...

Your part-time NYC connection,