Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Pitfalls of Flip-flops

Lately much has been reported on the perils of wearing flip-flops. And I say, what the heck is that all about?

Why pick on the lowly flip-flop? It’s just a slip of a thing, a tiny bit of brightly-colored rubber or plastic (or leather if you want to get fancy). It’s not meant to last very long, just a summer or two. It brings joy to all who wear it, reminding them that summer is all about sun and fun and Beach Boys music.

The flip-flop was never meant to be taken seriously.

I would argue, however, that it’s an extremely practical item in one’s wardrobe. Bring a pair to the beach to keep your footsies from burning on the sand. Walk in the water with them and prevent yourself from stepping on craggy rocks or slimy seaweed - or worse! Keep a set by your shower or at the gym so you can avoid getting athlete’s foot - or worse! Place a pair by your front door so you can run out for the mail at a moment’s notice. And if you’re in California, put them by your bedside in case you need to dash for a doorway in the middle of an earthquake.

There are dozens - nay, thousands! - of uses for flip-flops. And I plan never to give them up, even when my feet are old and flat. I will slip them on and they will instantly bring back my youth!

Your Hollywood connection,