Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Day Fun

Ah, the where were you when question.

Where were you when the Challenger exploded? Princess Diana was killed? The planes crashed into the Twin Towers? And for a slightly older group, when Elvis died?

These are all such negative events yet they had such a huge impact on our lives that each of us can probably remember very specifically what we were doing and where we were, possibly the clothes we had on and who we were with.

I'd like to think we finally have a *positive* event with which to mark our lives: where were you when President Obama was sworn in?

I was at the dentist. It was the best visit ever, except for last summer when we were watching Michael Phelps sweep the gold in China. My dentist joked that I only come in on momentous occasions. God, how I wish that were possible.

Anyway, the whole day felt surreal and not simply because my mouth was in tremendous pain. From start to finish, watching the VIPs arrive, hearing Aretha Franklin sing (and wearing that fantastic hat that only Miss Franklin could get away with), witnessing the very first African American President being sworn in on Lincoln's bible - it was all just a magical day and it certainly felt that way wherever I went.

My very favorite image of the day, though, was the first time the President and his wife stepped outside the limo and walked down the street, surrounded by Secret Service, waving to the crowds. Michelle looked amazing in her golden coat swinging behind her and the new President - well, gosh, he just looked so completely comfortable in his new role. They both did. More than anything, I will have that picture of the two of them in my head when I think of this day.