Friday, January 9, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Friday

6 Realistic Resolutions

Oh, every year starts out with the best of intentions, n'est-ce pas? We resolve to lose 10 pounds, to exercise every day, to save more money, to use our high school French...and by February, according to most experts*, 60% of us fail.

My question: why torture yourself needlessly?

My solution: choose very easy resolutions. That way, you're guaranteed to succeed!

Here are some of mine for 2009:

1. I resolve to shake out the laundry before putting it in the dryer. This is a corollary to last year's resolution to separate lights from darks but I failed miserably on that one. This should be a lot easier. Should be.

2. I resolve to have one less cup of coffee in the morning - and one more in the late afternoon. Rather than cutting out caffeine altogether, which is both painful and unneccesary, I'm going to shift it around a little so I'm a little less manic in the morning and a little more peppy in the afternoon.

3. I resolve to use the gift certificates people gave me last year. I have an envelope filled with these things - movie passes, a massage, 10 bucks off a Fruit-of-the-month club - and I still haven't used them. That's like passing up free money! I'd be stupid not to use them.

4. I resolve to put away the Christmas lights before the end of January. Or at least to bug HH until he takes them dowh.

5. I resolve to use lists more often and to number all the things I need to do, since clearly I function better when things are in a numerical sequence.

6. I resolve to keep my cell phone and iPod charged. (Yeah, good luck with that one, Leigh.)

There. That ought to do it. Anyone want to add to this list?

*okay, according to just one article I read on Yahoo news...