Saturday, January 10, 2009

Special Weekend Celebrity Sighting

Saturday afternoon. West Hollywood. Right around the corner from Quixote Studios.

It's a biggie...hold onto your gold motorcycle helmet...

Brad Pitt!


Yes, I'm totally serious. HH and I had a Brad Pitt sighting of our very own. We were walking back from TJ's when we saw a swarm of paparazzi around the fences of Quixote Studios where they do a lot of photo shoots and hold parties. The super-jaded photogs wouldn't answer when we asked who they were waiting for; one responded with a terse, "A lot of people." But then we know they're tired and chasing after celebs is not necessarily easy or rewarding work.

A couple of blocks away, as HH and I were talking about a book I recently finished writing (coincidentally about paparazzi!), my words were drowned out by a loud motorcycle engine. We turned to see who was polluting the environment with such noise when HH said, "That's Brad Pitt."

Gold motorcycle helmet, gold trim on the chopper, black pants (which he adjusted AS WE WATCHED) and not a soul around him. No bodyguards in SUV's following him, no cameramen chasing him. No Angelina or any of his six kids. Just Brad. On his bike. Roaring away.

Wow. Very cool. A young kid on his bike pedaled past and we all three smiled and HH asked the kid, "That was Brad Pitt, wasn't it?" And the kid grinned big and wide and nodded. Then he tore off after him.

Brad is probably in town for the Golden Globes tomorrow night where he will likely win for "Benjamin Button." What he was doing at QS, we have no idea. The paps got shots; we didn't. But here's a pic of him with his golden helmet.

Now, as mentioned in the article and others, his bike broke down recently so the bike we saw him on was a new one.

In my book, LOVE, MEG, my main character has a pen pal relationship with Jennifer Aniston; an early draft was written just before she and Brad Pitt broke up so I had to make some changes to the story when it was bought. Even though I don't know Jennifer Aniston personally, I felt like I had to be loyal to her because of my character's friendship with her - so I couldn't let myself enjoy Brad's movies! (As if my liking him or not makes any sort of difference to the universe!) But recently, he spoke up about his relationship with her and with Angelina and I respect that. So now I can like his movies again...and go ga-ga when I see him in person.

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