Monday, January 5, 2009

The VC Andrews Challenge

Thanks to Taren and Steph for coming up with this plan for pure awesomeness. For those of you who have never read VC Andrews, here is a primer from Taren herself (only part 1 which means another is coming - yay!) who is promoting the challenge on her blog and who inexplicably has become an expert on all things VCA-related.

There is a special place in Heaven for Taren for all of her hard work and Andrews Analysis.

I don't normally do these challenge thingies because a) I can't commit to reading a certain list of books and b) 100 books is a lot of flippin' books. But in this instance, I experienced a moment of serendipity during my morning blog reading because I read Kimberly Derting's post about the challenge she's participating in (and felt wholly inadequate as both reader and writer) and then ran smack dab into Taren's post about the Andrews books and if there's ever a series I want to re-read, it's "Flowers in the Attic."

Bring it.

Not to mention Taren's challenge is only 11 books in 1 year and I'm pretty sure I can handle that, especially with the brain candy that is VC Andrews.

Anyone else interested in reading?