Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Body Image Week at My Favorite Author!

Today is Earth Day and what better way to honor Mother Earth than to take pride in all Her creatures - no matter what their size!

A new challenge - and it's a doozy! Kind of book-related, in that the challenge is at a book blogger site and the people posting are writers or readers of YA books, but really, it's about YOU! It's about how YOU feel about YOUR body. It's a challenge to be accepting about your body, to recognize the wonderful strengths it has and some of the odd and funny quirks we all share.

Come on, we're human, after all! We have weird and wonderful bodies, especially us women.

Over at My Favorite Author - which is a YA book blog for adult readers (yes, that's a lot of us who feel a little, um, awkward about hanging out at the teen blogs) - the challenge has been issued. Go over and check it out: a week-long attempt to be more conscious of how we view our bodies, and to question why we do and say things we do about ourselves, why we don't honor our beautiful selves like we should. And a whole slew of great writers willing to talk about it all - including me here later this week. (I joined the party at the last minute so I'm not official.)

Then at the end of the week, check back in (I'll remind you, don't worry!) and see how you and others fared during the week. Did you give yourself a break when you had to try on that swimsuit? Did you say thank you when someone complimented your smile? Did you offer another person a compliment? You'll have a chance to win FREE BOOKS too!

We've got to be good and kind to ourselves: it's the cheapest therapy out there.