Monday, April 20, 2009

Celebrity Sighting - Sort of...

When is a celebrity sighting NOT a celebrity sighting?

When you've both been invited to an event. Over the weekend I attended a party at the private home (can't say where) of a friend (can't say who). HH and I were thrilled to celebrate the launch of her new book and we were having a good time snacking and cocktailing and chatting up the guests when all of a sudden, HH leans over to me and whispers, "Oh, Conan's here."

As in Conan O'Brien, the late night guy who's about to take over Jay Leno's spot on NBC.

I love how HH told me this, like Conan was a friend of ours and HH was informing me of his arrival or he was someone we'd heard would be there.

Ha! Like no. This was a private gathering! Celebrity stalking would be the uncoolest thing in the universe. He was there to celebrate too. He wasn't there to crack jokes or be the center of attention and despite how tall he appears on television, he was not the tallest man at the party. He's kind of hard to miss when he's in a room: the red hair really stands out and tales of his pale skin have not been exaggerated. But he was low-key, mingling on the outside of the groups, completely unassuming, and pretty much everyone there kept their distance.

We spent the rest of our time there talking to our hosts and admiring their gorgeous house and enjoying the fantastic snacks they had.

"See?" I told HH as we sipped our drinks and wandered around the yard. "This is how you mix with celebs."

"But we're ignoring him."