Monday, May 11, 2009

FU to Friday

I recently read about a woman who was denied the vanity license plate, ILUVTOFU because the DMV was concerned people might mistake the driver's love of soy products for something else entirely. Dirty, dirty minds in the government.

Anyway, my FU is a follow-up. And my follow-up is to Friday's post.

The new Star Trek exceeded my expectations. Not only was it a great film in general (lots of action, some romance - and not between who you think it would be, and awesome special effects) but it was a great film for Trek fans. Tons of inside jokes for those of us who know the characters, know the series, know the cliches and parodies, but you certainly didn't have to know any of it to enjoy the film. I was really impressed and would see it again in the theater if I could afford it. For anyone considering attending it but you think you want to wait til it comes to DVD to save some dough, don't. Find a way to see it at a cheaper theater or a matinee time. The DVD will be good to see it a second time - or third or fourth - but not for the first. You really need to experience the big, big picture and the big, big sound.

As for HH, well, we disagreed on what we liked the most and least about this movie. The very scene I absolutely loved (and to avoid spoiling it for you, I will simply say Spock and transporter room and you will know if you have seen it) is the one he absolutely hated and felt like it was completely out of line with the Trek world. His overall opinion was that it was good but not excellent, a worthy successor but not a repeat viewing for him. He actually thinks Wrath of Khan is superior, so we had to watch that when we got home and then we had to watch the original Trek episode it was based on, "Space Seed."

Sorry but I win. New movie is better. Khan was like an extended episode of the original series.

I'm curious to hear what others think, whether you're a Trek fan or not. Did you like the story, the actors, the characters? Better or worse than other Trek movies? Better or worse than other Trek series?