Friday, May 1, 2009

One final thought on body image week...

I had to chuckle when I read Liviania's comment below about how she was sad for me that I didn't get any compliments on my looks. Until the notion of Body Image Week arose at My Favorite Author, it never occurred to me to be aware of what people said about my appearance. More noticeable to me - and more important - are comments about my dancing.

So yesterday, when I was taking class, a lovely young dancer came up to me and asked me what company I used to dance with (when you're my age, it's a pretty safe bet that you "used" to dance somewhere, as opposed to currently being a member of a company). When I told her I didn't, she was astonished - like, her face registered surprise and everything. She wouldn't believe that I was not a retired professional. We did the whole mutual admiration thing ("I love your arms," "No, I love your arms") and moved on.

I get comments like this from people fairly regularly, usually from newish dancers, and I am always appreciative, but when an experienced dancer or current pro says it, I am truly flattered. It made me feel very good, very competent for much of the class, I must admit, so later, when I happened to be standing next to the young woman again, I asked her about herself, where she was from and so on. She's new to LA, only been here for 2 months. I smiled and walked away and immediately my ego deflated.

Ah, I figured, she didn't really think I was good, she just wants to make friends.

Pretty sick way to think, huh?