Friday, February 13, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Friday

Setting 4 Things Straight for the Record About Friday the 13th

1. Tonight is the opening of the Friday the 13th remake - or reimagining, if you will (that's what they call the new BSG). The original movie did not feature Jason or anyone in a hockey mask and in fact, Jason was not the killer at all. The movie introduced Jason a la Michael Myers at the very end and that's what led to the multitude of sequels.

2. The new Friday the 13th movie is actually the 12th in the series which means, logically, there really needs to be a 13th. Will that one be the one to finally end the franchise?

3. The appearance of Jason in the final frames of the original movie were intended as a joke but the next director who took on the franchise insisted he be included in the sequels.

4. The fim's original title was Long Night at Camp Blood. Ooh, scary...