Monday, July 21, 2008

TCA News

This year the TCA press tour (Television Critics Association) is being held very late due to the writers strike. This is the opportunity for the networks to present their schedules to the critics and make grand announcements about how they're doing deals with Producer X and Actor Y and Showrunners A and B are just hitting homeruns out the gate and then in less than six months, it will all fall apart.

Found this very interesting article in Broadcasting and Cable: "If Critics Ran the Networks..." Fascinating comments from some smart critics.

One new show I am looking forward to is FOX's Fringe from the amazingly talented LOST co-creator, JJ Abrams. He's also the director of the brand new "Star Trek" movie which I CANNOT WAIT FOR!!! I just hope he can juggle both of those projects AND my favorite show of all time (did I mention LOST?).

Part of me misses working in television. There was a time when I knew what every network was producing and who was doing what and what the prospects looked like for everything. Now I know zilcho. In most ways, that's very good for my brain capacity; but the frivolous superficial part of me wishes I was still in network television.