Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What is Jetlag?

I never could understand jetlag. I mean, I get the whole body clock thing and how we are naturally predisposed to certain things at certain times of the day and when we travel to different time zones, those natural cycles get thrown off but seriously, why does it last for days?

I still have jetlag after returning from LA last Friday morning. And a cold that feels like someone has beaten my brain to a pulp.

And yet...

I am still SUPER-EXCITED about being on television! Now, I know many people don't have cable or aren't in a market where "Connie Martinson Talks Books" will be shown but never fear! You can watch online! It will stream live on your computer! My Ninja Webmaster put this together so you can find the show.

So that's tomorrow, Thursday, July 17 at 3PM and 11:30PM in the LA area, Channel 35. Or like I said, you can watch it stream live on your computer. Cool, huh?

Man, I am jazzed. It's the surest thing to get over jetlag and a bad cold.