Thursday, July 10, 2008

Time out for reality

Television, that is, not my own reality which tends to be a lot less interesting.

Did anyone but me and HH follow Hell's Kitchen this season? At first I have to admit I didn't like many of the contestants. They were shallow and petty and just not likable. The youngest of them seemed too inexperienced to run a kitchen, too arrogant to learn from those who were experienced and did I mention, just not likable?

As the season wore on and chefs were cut and cut and cut (and burned a few times), I began to like at least one of them: Petrozza. He learned as he went along, took in the criticism and got better, was a genuinely kind person who wanted the best from people, and never sabotaged anyone else. He was also very sloppy and kept a dirty station which Chef Ramsay hated but even Gordo recognized his skills as a chef.

I was thrilled he was a finalist. He completely deserved the honor. He was also 47.

On the other end of the spectrum was Christina. Very young, very arrogant, very opinionated and very shrill. The one thing she had going for her was that she was a consistently good cook. From the get-go, she was simply the best cook of the contestants. But I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her and her filet mignons. No, sir, not me. And I would absolutely hate working under her. Who would want to hear that squeaky, whiny voice yelling every moment of the day? No, thanks.

I was not as happy for her that she was a finalist. I didn't think she deserved the honor. She was 25.

So who wins? Of course, the young 'un wins cuz Ramsay thinks she has more potential.

Those of us who are getting older want to believe we all have potential regardless of our ages.

Let's take this big picture. Let's look at the Presidential election. Perhaps Barack Obama, being young and full of potential, will beat out John McCain, the elder statesman who isn't as in touch with the American public.

In this case, yes, I will take the young 'un over the old guy. Absolutely.