Thursday, July 30, 2009


You tell me.

Alexa Young's Awesome Blog

A couple of years ago, I got this review from a teen reviewer for VOYA and it definitely left a lasting impression on me. So much so that when Alexa Young (author of the sunny, funny YA novels Frenemies and Faketastic - both titles which I love) launched her blog, WORST REVIEW EVER, I had to search it out.

Alexa has asked her fellow author friends to come forward with some of their very worst reviews, from professional reviewers as well as Amazon and Goodreads readers. And some are really horrible. They make mine look like a gushing fan fest.

But each of us has our threshold for pain. At the time I had gotten this VOYA review, it was just a couple of months after my first novel had been released so I was particularly sensitive to negative reviews, especially ones from teen reviewers since that was the audience I was trying to reach. Other people might think this was nothing; still others might collapse from its weight. Does anyone like reading that they are "annoying"?

So you be the judge. Check out the review at Alexa's blog and vote. If you have any comments, go ahead and leave them there and I'll respond if necessary. And for sure, that's the only place I will be posting the review; you certainly won't be seeing it on my website!

Thanks to Alexa for giving me the space on her blog to get that off my chest!