Friday, July 17, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Friday

1A. My ultimate dream vacation, if someone else is footing the bill or I suddenly become Bill Gates-wealthy, is a tour of Japan, China and Korea. I have always wanted to see Tokyo, although it was recently named the most expensive city in the world!

1B. My ultimate dream vacation, if I have to pay for it myself and I'm the same level of poor as I am now, is a west coast drive from SoCal to Seattle, stopping for the beaches of Malibu and Santa Barbara, the cities of San Francisco and Portland, and classes with the ballet companies of SF and Pacific Northwest along the way.

1C. My actual dream vacation this summer will be a few days in Arizona with my brother and his family. I can't wait to see my nieces!!

2. My friend Liz Thurmond has her very first published short story in Everyday Fiction! It's called "Modern Love." I love it! I never knew she had such a romantic side to her - amazing what you can learn about people when you read their material. Congrats, Liz!!

3. I don't really like research for writing. I like to make everything up as I go along. Besides, with the internet, you can spend/waste hours of your precious brain time.

4. I'm a little bit nerdy when it comes to Harry Potter. I can't wait for the new movie. In the meantime, I saw "Moon" which was AMAZING! Very thought-provoking; I highly recommend it.