Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More to Love premiere

Did everyone watch this brand new show last night on FOX? Normally I don't like dating shows because they feel so contrived and inevitably, I end up saying about each contestant or bachelor/ette, "Really? You couldn't get a date?" I mean, come on, most of the men and women on these shows are in perfect shape with perfect teeth and hair and tiny waists.

But these 20 women and 1 man come from different circumstances. Many of the women claim never to have had a boyfriend. One had never been on a second date. And most said the problem was related to weight. It hurt me to hear so many of them worry about being alone for the rest of their lives, despite the happy faces they put on and the confidence they try to project.

Who among us hasn't felt that? Regardless of our size, we have all worried about loneliness, about what would happen if that certain someone never comes along. Even if we are happy in our other pursuits, loving and being loved often trump riches and success.

This is why I think the majority of the television audience can actually identify with these women as opposed to the women on traditional dating shows, which producers of "More to Love" claim are size 2's while the average American woman is size 14.

Cheers - finally - for a reality show! I hope the overnight numbers were good enough to encourage producers to do more.

Remember: MORE TO LOVE, Tuesdays on FOX, 9PM