Friday, July 10, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Friday

Funny guys in the Netflix queue

Lately, HH and I have been watching DVDs of stand-up comedians--

[word of advice #1: periodically review your Netflix queue so you can re-arrange the order in which the DVDs come. What happens is you go in to put "Ghost Town" on your queue (um, don't bother) and the next thing you know, you've added every episode of "The Office" and all of Greg Kinnear's oeuvre because Netflix keeps suggesting them based on your preferences.]

1. Lewis Black - "Black on Broadway"/"Red, White & Screwed" - often political but never politically-correct, each of his shows should be titled, "Lewis Black Hates Everyone" or even, "Lewis Black Hates Everything." I love that his parents are in his audience.

2. Dana Gould - "Let Me Put My Thoughts In You" - writer for the Simpsons, brilliantly smart, conceptually clever, lets loose in a very R+ rated way. He's the kind of comedian who uses the word "bete noir" unironically.

[word of advice #2: Black and Gould are absolutely hysterically funny and smarter than most guys in the room, but their routines do have a lot of profanity - very rarely are they vulgar, merely foul-mouthed.]

3. Brian Regan - "Standing Up" - far cleaner than most comedians out there, he is just plain funny. Sort of a cross between Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell and Jim Gaffigan (three of my very fave funny guys!).