Thursday, August 27, 2009

National Press for Vee and me!

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed for this article by AP journalist Leanne Italie. Leanne is a tremendous interviewer - she makes you feel very comfortable talking to her about all sorts of issues. I'm not surprised she put together this terrific article about plus-size characters in today's teen lit.

Teen Lit Has Positive Plus-Size Characters

And check out the list of recommended books for teens that feature plus-size characters:

Plus-Size Recommended Books

Although these articles are on, they were picked up all over the country on news sites such as the Orlando Sentinel, the Baltimore Sun, Newsday, Seattle Post Intelligencer, Oakland Tribune, San Jose Mercury News, San Francisco Chronicle, and many, many more. I'm thrilled to have my book in front of so many people!

If anyone sees the article in a print edition of their local paper, would you let me know? Then I can contact them for a copy. I love the immediacy of digital news but the old-fashioned writer in me wants to hold it in my hand. Thanks!

And thanks also to Harmony (Skyanne) of Harmony Book Reviews who was quoted for the article. I'm always tickled to know when a reader connects with my characters.