Friday, August 28, 2009

People keep talkin' about Vee!

Here's a post by Susan Johnston at Lemondrop, a lifestyle site for young women at AOL. I love that she mentions the cover model for my book:

For the record, though, the girl on the cover of "All About Vee" looks like she had most of her 217 pounds Photoshopped out. Just sayin'.

I know! This is the argument I had with my editor when I saw the cover. As gorgeous as she is, she's clearly not extra-large size. But as my editor told me, according to the modeling world, she is.

Obviously the post was inspired by Leanne Italie's recent AP article which I posted links to yesterday. So cool! And the comments at Lemondrop are quite thoughtful too. I wish more bloggers and journalists would talk about these characters and how positively they can influence readers of all ages!