Friday, August 21, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Friday

4 Surprising Things That Changed When I Got Older

1. I got taller. I swear. I used to be 5' 5". I remember my very first driver's license listed me as 5' 5". And now, many many many years later, I am 5' 7". For real. The good thing about this is that - apart from being taller which is AWESOME - when I start to shrink as a little old lady, I'll get back to my original height.

2. My hair got curly. I swear. I used to perm my hair when I was in high school - sometimes curly, sometimes wavy, sometimes just body that would give lift to my flat-as-a-pancake plain brown mane. And now, many many many years later, I have curls, long rolling curls. I never dry it, just wash and let it hang dry - kind of like what you're supposed to do with your bras but I always toss those into the dryer - and voila! Curls.

3. I need less sleep. Used be an 8 - 8.5 hour a night gal but now, 7 - 7.5 is my limit and I feel weird and altogether un-right when I get more. If could just get by on 6, that would be ideal. Maybe in another 15 years? By the time I'm that shrinking little old lady, I'll blink and be well-rested. How amazing would that be?

4. My fingernails are strong enough to cut my skin. Okay, who really cares about this, right? Well, when you're into nail polish like I used to be when I was younger, strong nails are a must. Weak, brittle nails break and chip and you're constantly repairing them with those stupid little glue kits that never really work (come on, Sally Hansen, use that NASA polymer technology for good!). Now that I don't care about my nails and never use polish and wash dishes by hand, my nails are so strong they slice into my middle finger when I snap out rhythm during class.

Weird, huh? Anyone else have weird things changing in their bodies?