Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Images from West Hollywood Book Fair '09

Sally Nemeth at the LAYA booth

Wow, what an amazing event although I do feel like my entire weekend was spent either at the fair or preparing for it (does this mean I can claim another couple of days this week as my weekend?).

Just wanted to share a few photos of our LAYA authors, our booth and the teen readers on the stage, which was truly the best part of the day for all of us. We loved having these awesome readers presenting our material to a very appreciative audience - twice!

Amy Koss, Cherry Cheva, and Jonathan Bernstein at the booth

Jonathan in the audience waiting for his group

Cherry Cheva and Michael Reisman enjoying the show

Erica, Erin, Sarah and Amelia reading from ALL ABOUT VEE - my book!

Hayley, Kendall and Amelia on stage

Sarah, Noah, Riley and Noah

Kendall, Erica, Sarina, and Sarah

Kendall, Riley, Noah and Ben Esch

Sally with the group

On behalf of all of the LAYAs involved (Sally Nemeth, Carol Snow, Amy Koss, Ben Esch, Cherry Cheva, Jonathan Bernstein, Michael Reisman, Susan Casey, Mark L. Williams and me), we thank everyone for participating and for attending and cheering us on!