Saturday, September 1, 2007

6 Degrees of Celebrity Sightings

Your Hollywood connection has been falling down on the job.

Admittedly she has been holed up in her cupola, working super hard on her latest tome, so she hasn’t been out and about with her eyes peeled for celebs. The farthest she has traveled from home has been to TJ’s, for fresh fruits and veggies and her beloved Peanut Butter Puffins, and to her dance classes, for mind and body enrichment.

And so, she must rely upon others for their celebrity encounters, thus inspiring the above and the lame blind item in the other day’s post. [The correct answer was Owen Wilson. Winners receive a lifetime supply of self-satisfaction, courtesy of Yours Truly.]

Good friend WVH had the door held open for her by none other than Matt Damon in a building where she works. She also shared an elevator with Zac Effron whom she says has the most amazing eyes and is definitely extremely polite and sweet in real life - just like the Disney version! (And we know how much we love Zac around here!)

Former supervisor and friend PGD once saw Crispin Glover, wacky actor/director and George McFly (hello!), at the Burbank Airport. Did you know they kept his character suspended upside down for the duration of BTTF2 because they had to replace Glover when he wanted too much money? True story.

But hands down, Head Honcho, my Ninja Webmaster, is the celeb magnet. He has seen the likes of Danny Devito wave to him from a passing car and a perambulating Christopher Walken (twice in two days while both were out walking and sporting devil-may-care Gilligan hats). He saw Jack Black during a late night Ralphs run and the very funny Michael McDonald from MadTV in the same store (it’s known as the Rock n Roll Ralphs in these parts because it’s on Sunset Blvd and draws a lot of musicians, wannabe and otherwise). He also loaned his Ralphs card to none other than Leeza Gibbons who he said was gorgeous in real life and had a shopping cart filled with kiddie foods.

And I must confess to having met Selma Blair when she stopped by a meeting I was having with my manager. She was on her way to Prague to shoot “Hellboy” (which I recently saw and enjoyed, by the by). I never included it in my own personal sightings because it was a work related encounter and I vowed not to include those. However, as my pickings are slim lately, I will have to fall back on whatever I can.

I promise to try harder. Honest. If I have to track them like animals in the wild, I will find celebrities for you.

Your Hollywood connection,