Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Shows!

Gotta admit, I didn’t want to add a new drama to my schedule. I don’t have Tivo and it’s too hard to find the time to watch everything I tape when I’m at class or watching a movie or you know, living my life. Still, Journeyman hooked me. It was smart of NBC to show it after Heroes so all of us superhero/supernatural/sci-fi junkies can stay tuned and sample it. We actually saw the frst episode while on a plane to the east coast (another smart move, NBC) so we watched Monday night to remind ourselves how much we like it. I do like it. I like that it’s smart and a little confusing and it doesn’t dumb down the twistiness of the time travel stuff. And I do LOVE time travel.

Another new show I am debating about is Gossip Girl. It’s from the same people who brought you The OC, which was also super soapy so I expect no less from this GG (not the old GG which meant Gilmore Girls, a far superior show). This GG has all the requisite beautiful people - impossibly gorgeous cast of characters with impeccable clothes and tons of money, exactly what the books are all about. Someone told me Cecily Von Ziegesar , the author, refused to make the books into a movie, that she envisioned a TV series or nothing at all. Good for her. I like hearing that an author put her foot down; so few have the power to do so. It’s not that I didn’t like the show - I did - but again, I have just so many hours in the day to watch TV and I already have a lineup of shows I watch. So I may not stick around for the whole thing.

Aliens in America is another new show I’ve heard a lot about but I haven’t seen yet. The first episode aired on Monday and I completely forgot about it! Supposed to be very funny and comedy is so hard to do right. I might sample before Heroes but only if I remember. I don’t usually think of TV until 9PM.

Have you seen promos for Reaper? The kid’s parents sold his soul to the devil when he was born and now he’s 21 and the devil is collecting. Great cast. First episode was very funny but…a little too self-aware. The actors are fun and smart but they need to relax a bit and enjoy themselves. They seem to know they’re acting. This could be the direction and it could be the scripts. I hope the show mellows out in time. I MAY watch this more since it follows Beauty and the Geek. Maybe. Depends on what kind of mindset I’m in. And if I remember.

This is why people have Tivo.

Your Hollywood connection,