Friday, September 21, 2007

A virtual tour of Leigh's home

Well, hello there! I'm so glad you stopped by! Can I offer you some cookies and a pot of coffee - warm chocolate chip with walnuts and a rich house blend? I just made them this morning.

No, no, they were no trouble at all.

Let me show you around the place. That's the living room you're in now and to the left is the hallway to the bath and bedroom. It’s a little messy in there. I still have to make the bed from this morning. Didn’t think you’d be here so early!

Up here is the kitchen area (mind the steps) and this is the dining room which I have turned into my office space. Computer (obviously), chair, (again obviously). Space heater is under my feet for the cold mornings. And it does get cold here in LA. We’re a desert, you know.

Of course you can have another cookie. Help yourself.

I know the computer is very close to the television which is a distraction but then again, so is the computer. There's always something I need to look up or an email comes in that has to be responded to right away and then the next thing you know, an hour has passed and I have written, "The girl combed her..." And nothing more.

The cream is in the fridge behind you. More sugar?

Actually, "The girl combed her..." is not a very good beginning for a sentence at all. So now I have to go back and edit that because what good is a sentence beginning with "The girl combed her..."? We all know what one combs: hair. How boring. I hate boring sentences.

That spill was nothing. Don't worry about it. I'll clean it up. Honestly, it's fine. I spill things all the time.

Writing is rewriting, as the masters say. Which means I have to get back to work and see what I can replace that combing business with. Something startling would be nice, something adventuresome. What else might the girl do to her hair? Ignite it? Talk to it?

Well, no, I hadn't planned to have the girl talk to her hair. Not really. I was using it as an example. Unless that was something you’d like to see? A girl talking to her…no, no, that’s silly. Perhaps you'd better go now. I really should get back to work.

Thank you so much for coming. Do stop by again. But not too early, okay?

Your Hollywood connection,