Friday, September 14, 2007


What an amazing trip…my new favorite place in the world is Wailua, Kauai, Hawaii. There’s a beach at Lydgate State Park which has a section closed off for swimming and snorkeling (gotta be careful of the waves on Kauai - very dangerous surf) and we swam with the fishes - which is WAY better than sleeping with the fishes…

And my new favorite way to spend my time is drinking coffee on the lanai and staring out at the ocean as the sun comes up. It’s awkward trying to do that here in LA, since I a) don’t have a lanai and b) don’t live on the ocean. Yeah and c) would never manage to arise early enough to see the sun come up. Not a chance.

I ate the best pineapple from the Costco in Lihue which is a giant store - much larger than any I’ve been to - and before anyone tells me how blasphemous it was for me to eat pineapple from a Costco, let me tell you: this was so delicious I don’t care what you say.

We had fantastic sushi (not the fish we swam with as far as we knew) and amazing fruits like papaya and mango and guava, as well as the aforementioned pineapple. We visited waterfalls and a coffee plantation and Hanalei where Puff the Magic Dragon lives and we saw thousands of red dirt chickens which are not endangered but are protected and if you do anything to them and get caught, it will cost you five hundred bucks. These things are everywhere! At first it’s funny and cute but after a while, the whole “why did the chicken cross the road joke” gets way stale…

So mahalo for your patience while I treated myself to an ocean vacation. I signed some stock at the Kauai Borders which was also amazing. The fantastic Eleanor helped me, although they wouldn’t allow us to take photos inside. So exterior shots will have to do. I’ll get those (and more) up soon.

Oh yeah, and the Honolulu Borders was sold out of my book! How awesome is that? Mahalo to the readers on Oahu!

Your tanned and rested Hollywood connection,