Saturday, September 29, 2007

Even More New Shows!!

Okay, have to mention just a couple of more shows I found this week that were way fun: Kitchen Nightmares with Chef Gordon Ramsay and Dirty Sexy Money with Peter Krause and Donald Sutherland (love him!!).

Ramsay does a version of Nightmares in Britain which I’ve caught a few episodes of on those rare occasions I’m in front of a television that has cable. In those shows, he’s extremely entertaining and generous and thoughtful and he doesn’t yell profanity at everyone like he does in his American Hell’s Kitchen show.

The American version of Nightmares is not as genteel as the British version, which is kind of a bummer, and you can see that Ramsay’s being prodded by off-camera producers to push the buttons of the restaurant owners and workers (at least in the premiere episode he did). There’s way more cursing for us Americans (just what does that say about us?). Still, it’s great to see him whip a restaurant into shape.

Kind of like Extreme Makeover: Restaurant Edition. With Cursing.

Dirty Sexy Money has a fantastic cast and a so-so premise. Very influential attorney dies; extremely wealthy family with wacky personalities tries to hire the decent son who turned his back on the trappings of his dad’s work to represent people in need. Eh.

But when you examine the characters: oldest daughter marries man after man who is just after her money and she’s still in love with our hero; youngest daughter is daddy’s little girl who has to have stage roles purchased for her; middle son is a minister with an out-of-wedlock child and major anger issues…and on and on. They are very interesting.

And just to keep our hero, Nick, involved even more, he finds out his father was probably murdered.

All this and more in one episode…I’ll stay tuned for at least a few weeks.

Today’s research: Mahican Indian names.

Your Hollywood connection,