Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor = Work?

Yesterday was Labor Day, a day off for all the hard-working people in the land. And how did most of them celebrate? By barbecuing and taking the kids to the beach and on picnics. In other words, by working!

I think Labor Day should be marked by everyone getting takeout. Of course, then the people making the takeout would be working so that wouldn’t be fair to them. Hmmm…I’ll figure that one out, don’t you worry.

I will be taking a brief respite from the blog (have you gotten used to my “every other day except when I can’t think of anything” posts?) for a week or so. Here’s a hint for where I will be…aloha!

In the meantime check this out. Love, Meg on You Tube!

See you soon!

Your Hollywood connection,