Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Aliens Walk Among Us

Did you catch the premiere of Aliens in America on Monday night? I have to admit I was not expecting much. Comedies are so hard to do and lately, not one network has come up with one that I like, except for NBC and its Thursday night lineup and honestly, only The Office is must-see-for-me and that’s based on a British show anyway.

And now here comes the little Frankenstein network - the blending of two small networks to become one, a two-headed freak that gets picked on by the big nets - with a very funny, very sweet, very smart comedy about a family in Wisconsin (love the mom’s Frances McDormand in Fargo-ish accent) who take in a foreign exchange student.

In the first episode they try to send him back when he turns out to be, not from London, but from Pakistan. A Muslim! Who wears traditional clothes! And prays to Allah! Of course, they all think he’s a terrorist but gradually he changes their minds as they get to know him and by the end of the half hour, no one wants him to go back.

I highly recommend this show (and it follows Everybody Hates Chris, another underwatched show but very funny and smart too). Set your Tivos, people, or watch these shows before Heroes, which is what I plan to do.

Your Hollywood connection,