Friday, October 19, 2007

On the road again...

Hi there from Chico, California! I have been upstate doing some way cool book stuff with my friend and fellow YA author, CG Watson who wrote an amazing theiller called "Quad." It's a very timely novel about a high school shooting - and a terrific whodunit!

Yesterday we visited with about 400 kids at Chico High School! Wow, were they a great audience. Attentive and generous with their time, they asked super intelligent questions which really kept us on our toes (this was really hard to do considering we began our day at 8AM and didn't have much coffee!).

Then in the afternoon we went to Barnes & Noble where we had another great audience. Special shoutout to Kimberlee at the store who was SO fantastic to us!

Today we're going to Chico's rival school (uh-oh!) so I don't know what to expect. J/K!! That'll be fun too. And then in the afternoon, we finish up at Butte County Library.

Whew! A whirlwind adventure. Then it's back to LA for the Head Honcho and me, a day long drive down the I-5. Man, there are a lot of cows in this state! Drink your milk and keep those farms in business!!

I think Sunday will be a treat to relax - and get back to work!

Your Hollywood connection a long way from home,