Friday, October 12, 2007

Who Watches What I Watch?

Sometimes I think I am the only person who watches the television shows that I’ve been blogging about, like Kid Nation and Kitchen Nightmares and Aliens in America and Dirty Sexy Money and BATG. I have talked to friends and relatives and NONE of them watch any of these shows.

What does that say about me? My choice in TV shows reflects my personal tastes so is it strange that I don’t have anything in common with people I love and care about, television-ly speaking, that is?

Only one friend of mine has a similar love for The Simpsons as I do - and even waited for me to return home from the east coast in order to see the movie with her in August (thank you, Algie and happy birthday tomorrow!). And my mom does watch Desperate Housewives, although she likes it for the soap opera stuff and I like it for the mysteries. And my brother watches Heroes and Journeyman too but he’s not a dishy kinda guy. He doesn’t talk about stuff.

But these are all established shows. It’s not hard to jump on board a show that’s been popular for a year or more. It’s harder to start with a show that you’re not sure will make it past the first half-season (and we know the networks have shows waiting in the wings to replace anything that’s not a hit out of the gate). I can’t tell you the number of times I have started a new show only to have the network pull it after a few episodes! It’s so upsetting! And these are good shows too, not the crap they should be pulling.

You’d think “once burned, twice shy” but no, I get back on the horse each season and hope that the shows I like are the ones that stick. Hence my initial comment about people not watching what I watch: I don’t know if that’s a bad sign that my new favorite shows won’t last…boo-hoo.

Thank goodness for Netflix.

Your Hollywood connection,